Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BurgerKing Mania?

Well, it's not that i owned 2 Whopper burgers mean i addicted to burgerKings burger. Have to admit that yes i like fast food alot as long the burger provide & satisfy my tongue senses.

Actually i have 3 whoppers with me one already eaten in Alamanda after class. This 2 left would be my next meal. today special in burgerKing is if buy any soft drink, you can pay extra RM1 to get a whopper burger, limited to 3 burger per person. Now u saw my post maybe you should grab 1 however i received message said that in Alamanda queue over 200 peoples & as long until reached carefour there.

Can u imagine how long is it? wish u good luck.

Monday, August 2, 2010

So close yet so far

If not mistaken, i have bought 6 times of 4D in my life and these would be the 2nd time i got the number so close to the result on that day and this time is 1st PRICE. That day the reason i bought it because of my puppy.
The previous day i brought him to do vaccination but due to he gt runny nose and skin problem, they suggest not to take injection instead take medicine 1st, 1 week later see got any improvement just go over again.
So this number was from his medical certificate, 4749 but end up the 1st price numbers is 4649. so wasted only.
So for this situation, So close yet so far suitable to be used? haha then now u see why i post a short message on msn regarding to this

Thursday, July 15, 2010


stress because of final year
stress because of final year project
stress because of don't know what title to choose
stress because of can't comes out with own propose title
stress because of life without leisure time
stress because of restless routine
stress because of stress

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 12 –[ trip to JB]-

Monday, after came back from lunch, supervisor suddenly ask me go back pack some clothes follow him to johor.

So both of us start depart from BM at 4.07pm and reached KL, taman connought met with kl branch tester to take ours dinner before continue to JB.
That night we check in at vistania hotel when reached JB, we thought that it would just take us 2 days to complete the repairing however we are wrong.On Tuesday morning, supervisor tried to find out what’s wrong with the lift. It’s so obvious that the sub contractor from penang that set up the elevator did not work properly. The alignment of the cart was run about 5degree which cause the lift can’t run on track smoothly. Moreover, the glasses got crack because the previous sub contractor force the glasses into the cart but we know that the sizes do not suit the cart. As consequences, we have to carry on the blame from the owner which was not our fault.
So we decide to discuss with sub contractor from JB for the repairing the lift. Since these day we could not do anything, without wasting time we depart to Spg Renggam for check up on next lift.
On Wednesday, at the time we reached there, the owner was so busy with clearing the top of the house since the previous night rained so heavy. Our elevator was affected also because the water flowed into the gap between lift doors. The top of the cart flooded with rain water cause the controller board and door operator board damaged. So these day again we focused on alignment only while waiting for order new parts to reach for replacement.

So on Thursday, after obtained the parts, replaced the components, and place a new glass for the lift. So new problem occur where we could not set the speed for open and closing the lift door. We took more than 12hours just on the inverter.This is how the inverter looks like. it's control the speed of energy needed to open the door, brake the door and use a constant speed to lock the door prevent people from forcefully open with hand.Final try before depart to melaka,this time sub contrator do all the check up instead of me . So im free to take pictures of them this time.
Friday, after do a final check up, we have to depart to Malaka to repair next elevator. For this lift, it is more easy just need to order new coil for the door switch and replace them. Total 2 part damaged. It’s already, so we have to stay one night with kl tester. So I take this chance to go back to my apartment visit my housemate.

Saturday morning, I followed other tester to fix one lift at perking duck restaurant. And next destination is Bangsar where the owner want change a new hydraulic pump. After settle everything only depart back to Penang. So this week took all my turn to learn how to check and repair what is need to repair.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

14th april 2010 –[my working routine]-

7.00am : wake up

8.00am : depart (stuck on traffic for 30mins)

8.30am : work started

12.00pm : lunch time

1.00pm : continue work

5.30pm : finish of working hours. (stuck on traffic again)

6.00pm onwards : watch drama until doze off, bath, dinner, doze off again, final go to bed.

9th april 2010 –[Minor injure during work]-

Today supervisor showed me a piece of site map, and teach me how to calculate the length of cable needed to link from power box to the elevator base on the given site map.

This is how the cable look like and known as “hoistway”.

Doing half way, I have been order by other department to help him in carry the elevator cast. Forgot to take picture of the cast but have to say that it’s heavy enough to injure your hand if not careful. This is an example if your hand clipped between the cast. Haha

After finished, more forward to start a new stuff which is screwed the ribbon to the push button switch ”it’s switch that used by tester when work in the elevator” and link to female connecter start from pin 4 to pin 13 from brown to black.Due to my home internet connection has cancel, so i post either at friend or gf house. for this post i sent at her hostel at the same time she attached her pretty picture here... ^^"